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At 20/20 GYM, we want to show you how important – and how easy – it is to care for your eyesight. It is possible to regularly and proactively maintain your vision, just as you brush our teeth in the morning and evening.
It all started a few years ago. Like many others, we found ourselves in the middle of our lives, dealing with various vision problems. Long hours in front of the computer had taken their toll on our vision, and we had all been told there was no way to reduce the normal effects of aging on our eyes.
At some point, we started to read and learn about our options. As we searched, we learned that scientists had been thinking about the same problems for a few decades, and they had made amazing progress. We pursued it. After years of research, we developed an adaptive piece of software designed to improve vision. We started to use it in our personal lives.
We surprised ourselves more than we could have predicted. We could feel and measure the improvements in our vision. The changes we saw made us realize that caring for and preserving our vision is doable. Most of us don’t think that we can proactively take care and preserve our vision the same way we watch our weight or brush our teeth every day.
Little by little, we started getting requests from friends and friends of friends who had heard of the benefits of our software by word of mouth. And so we found out that, bit by bit, this little piece of software was growing and improving as more and more people used it and shared their experiences.
Once we found that the software really did work, we felt a sense of mission – we wanted to introduce this software and the importance of eyesight training to the general public.
And so we started working on a website, which we named 20/20 GYM. “GYM” implies that it is very much up to us to improve, and we can protect our vision from the deterioration that comes with age.
We believe that everyone should have the chance to take care of their eyes, so we set our prices on very few dollars per 30 days. We use this money to maintain our servers and fund further research and development of even more effective practices to improve vision.
2020gym.com is self-funded, and it is still in its infancy. We appreciate your support as we continue to work day and night to improve it.
We welcome personal experiences, critiques, and thoughts, so please write to us. We’ll be grateful to hear from you.