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Laser therapy is an effective way to improve the quality of vision. Unfortunately, many people undergo this treatment but still do not experience perfect vision. It can also cause side effects such as poor night vision, glare or halos around light sources, and short-distance vision difficulties. You may find that conventional tests indicate that you have 20/20 vision, but you are still left with the feeling that you saw better when you had glasses.
Training in 20/20 GYM complements the laser procedure. You’ve already optimized your eyes, but it is time to train your brain to interpret optical information efficiently and accurately. 20/20 GYM will also help preserve your visual quality for years to come and will postpone the need for reading glasses for many years.
It is important to understand that training in 20/20 GYM has no effect whatsoever on the optical system, so people wearing glasses or contact lenses will be asked to train with their glasses or lenses on. After training regularly for a period of time, you will notice the visual improvement. To learn more, please read the scientific basis for vision improvement through brain training.
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