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There are two kinds of training at 20/20 GYM. The first requires you to sit at a distance of about 15-24 inches from your standard computer screen. The second requires you to sit 8-12 feet from the screen.
Training has three phases. The first is a “check” phase, which will determine the level of difficulty at which you should begin. The second is the “training” phase. The screen will display a rotating pattern and a timer. You will be asked to set the timer according the time you have available. Then, you will cover one eye and use the uncovered eye to focus on the rotating pattern for the time specified. Then, you will repeat this process with your other eye and repeat again with both eyes uncovered.
The recommended practice time for each eye is 5 minutes, and the result is 15 minutes of training total (5 minutes per eye and another five minutes when both eyes uncovered). The third and final phase is another “check” phase to monitor your progress. Training can be done sitting or standing at your convenience.
We recommend training in a darkened room and without interruptions. Feel free to play some of your favorite music in the background, and enjoy a few minutes of disconnection from your hectic life as you do something good for yourself.
The training should not make you tired, and most people experience a feeling of freshness and relaxation afterwards. You may experience some visual blurring or mild dizziness, which should pass after a few minutes. If side effects seem not to pass easily or are disruptive, please stop training and contact us to decide on further steps.
It is important to understand that training in 20/20 GYM has no effect whatsoever on the optical system, so people wearing glasses or contact lenses will be asked to train with their glasses or lenses on. After training regularly for a period of time, you will notice the visual improvement. To learn more, please read the scientific basis for vision improvement through brain training.
Registration is free, and we reward you with a 30-day trial period. We are confident that if you take advantage of the trial period, you will feel the difference and realize the importance of training.
Do something good for yourself. Life has never looked better.