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Whether you have undergone an eye surgery or are simply getting older, you probably experience a major difference between the way you see during the day and the way you see at night. Decreased contrast sensitivity makes it difficult to distinguish objects from their background. This decline occurs naturally as we age and becomes more disruptive while driving, but it can also limit and disturb other routine activities.
20/20 GYM’s contrast training dramatically increases your contrast sensitivity and improves your eyesight, especially your “night vision.” There is no need to give up activities like deep sea diving, camping with the family at night, or nighttime driving. After training at 20/20 GYM for just three months, you will experience all of these things differently. Vision decline is preventable; there is no reason to accept it.
It is important to understand that training in 20/20 GYM has no effect whatsoever on the optical system, so people wearing glasses or contact lenses will be asked to train with their glasses or lenses on. After training regularly for a period of time, you will notice the visual improvement. To learn more, please read the scientific basis for vision improvement through brain training.
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