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Scientific studies repeatedly confirm something we have known for centuries: the human brain can learn and improve at any age. You’ve heard it from your doctor, too: use it or lose it. Increasingly, researchers find that when you practice using your brain, all of its cognitive and perceptive functions can improve dramatically.
Two main factors are responsible for what we call “eyesight.” Most people are aware of the more obvious one: the structure and health of the optical system, the eye. The eye functions a little like a camera, and it is vulnerable to the same advantages and disadvantages. Few people are aware that the brain’s ability to process the visual information received from the eye is also an essential part of vision.
For hundreds of years, we have effectively compensated for many of the most common vision problems using inexpensive, portable tools: glasses. In the last few decades, contact lenses and laser treatments have been added to the list. However, not all vision problems can be resolved optically. One good example is the “lazy eye” (amblyopic eye) problem. In fact, it should be called the “lazy brain” problem, because often, the visual systems (the eyes) are healthy. It is the brain that chooses to ignore the signals from one of the eyes, resulting in a dysfunctional eye.
In recent decades, scientists have studied the structure and function of the brain on a much higher level than ever before. Through careful research, they have revealed ways to motivate and train the brain to process visual information efficiently, which leads to an objectively clearer and sharper sense of sight.
Even people with normal (i.e., 20/20) vision experience improvements using this method. The 20/20 GYM system leads to gradual progress, and the exercises are personally tailored for each practitioner based on tests conducted at the beginning and end of each session. Improvement in the function of the visual cortex is sharp, tangible, and reachable for everyone. Beyond that, vision brain training also helps to preserve the quality of your vision over the years. It is a simple measure you can take to slow the effects of age-related vision deterioration.
It is important to understand that training in 20/20 GYM has no effect whatsoever on the optical system, so people wearing glasses or contact lenses will be asked to train with their glasses or lenses on. After training regularly for a period of time, you will notice the visual improvement.
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