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If you’ve reached 20/20 GYM because you cannot read a menu in a dimly lit restaurant, this site is for you. If you've reached 20/20 GYM because you have found yourself struggling to read street signs again and again, this site is for you. If you've reached 20/20 GYM because you’ve discovered that you are uncomfortable driving at night, this site is for you. If you've reached 20/20 GYM because you are one of those guys who prefer not to wear glasses while engaging in sports, this site is for you.
Training at 20/20 GYM is important for everyone, even if you do not suffer from any vision-related difficulties. 20/20 GYM is for people who value the quality of their lives. We have no doubt that after feeling the positive change in your vision and experiencing the improvement in your daily life, you will integrate 20/20 GYM into your healthy lifestyle routine.
There is a set of groups who might benefit the most from training at 20/20 GYM. People who (1) suffer from mild myopia (short-sightedness), (2) are experiencing side effects after laser treatment or cataract surgery, (3) are starting to develop reading difficulties, or (4) having amblyopia (“lazy eye”), are most likely to see the biggest improvement in their vision.
It is important to understand that training in 20/20 GYM has no effect whatsoever on the optical system, so people wearing glasses or contact lenses will be asked to train with their glasses or lenses on. After training regularly for a period of time, you will notice the visual improvement. To learn more, please read the scientific basis for vision improvement through brain training.
Registration is free, and we reward you with a 30-day trial period. We are confident that if you take advantage of the trial period, you will feel the difference and realize the importance of training.
Do something good for yourself. Life has never looked better.